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02 Nov 2016

K Line, MOL, NYK to join forces in container shipping.

Japan’s big three container shipping companies have agreed to establish a new joint-venture company to integrate their container shipping businesses. Following the resolution by the board of directors of each company on Monday 31st October 2016, and subject to

20 Oct 2016

Tips for when you need a customs consultant.

When it comes to Customs it is essential that your business’s declarations are in compliance with Australian Border Force rules and regulations. At times this can be a particularly complicated job. A reliable customs consultant may be necessary to

21 Sep 2016

Department of Immigration & Border Protection notice on Asbestos importation

On 8 September 2016, the Australian Border Force released Notice 2016/30 which will have a wide-reaching impact on many importers. A copy of the Notice for your reference as per following link – Effective immediately, all customs brokers are

14 Sep 2016

The Reason Intermodal Freight Transport Is The Future For Australia.

For decades, road and rail freight have battled one another to be the leading land transportation device. However, as pointed out by the Department of Infrastructure and Transport, the increasing trend of the two services working together is the

05 Sep 2016

CHINA GOLDEN WEEK – 01st to 07th OCTOBER 2016

China “Golden Week” will begin on the 01st October through to 07th October 2016. There will be intense space requirements leading up to this National Holiday, with vessels expected to be full due to high bookings as well as

04 Sep 2016

Explained: What is the Hanjin Crisis and how to avoid it hurting you.

Moon – Kyoon Oh, the Chief Executive of Container Liner Sales and Marketing for Hanjin Shipping, posted a press release today in relation to the current Hanjin Shipping Line Crisis. In brief, the Hanjin board has decided unanimously at a

29 Jul 2016

Why you should outsource your warehousing – and not do it yourself.

  Maybe you’re a small to medium business? Possibly the rise of e-commerce has seen a dramatic demand for your goods? Whatever the reason, you wouldn’t be alone in Australian businesses seeking third-party logistic providers (3PLs) to serve your

28 Jun 2016

How can you reduce the cost of duty on imports and exports?

If you’re importing or exporting goods, then it would be completely understandable if you were slightly daunted by the complex web of duties and taxes. Any import or export must act in accordance with complex regulations that exist in

11 Jun 2016

The SOLAS Container Weight Verification Requirements – 01st July 2016

S.A.L Global Logistics wish to further notifying our customers of the “International Maritime Organization” (IMO) amended “Safety of Life at Sea Convention” (SOLAS), requiring all shippers to verify and provide a Container gross mass weight to the Shipping Lines

31 May 2016

How warehousing has evolved in the past ten years

Logistics has come a long way over the last decade—and it’s moving away from humble labour provision to spearheading innovations in complex supply chain management. We’ve seen a radical transformation in the last few years, and while a lot

24 May 2016

Air freight: the future of Australia’s logistics systems

Air freight has always been an important part of Australia’s logistics system—despite only comprising a small modal share—and its growth is expected to continue in the face of new challenges to the industry. Growing at a rate of more

22 Feb 2016

Scalable warehousing: strengthening Australia’s place in global trade

There’s never been a more important time for innovations in warehousing. Australia is holding strong as a player in global trade, and our economy is increasingly reliant on our small to medium businesses—which means that our warehousing solutions need

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