Tariff & Trade Consultancy

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Our international customs consulting services focus on your compliance and ensuring your exposure to duties and taxes is as low as legally possible. And while both of these are vital elements of a successful business endeavour, they don’t represent the full impact of our services. Our customs consultancy are also designed to support you with any other elements that you need to be highly competitive in the market.

We offer you a bespoke service that ensures that you will meet all your compliance regulations and can be active and proactive with your approach to international trade and shipping.

Compliance Checks

A compliance check from Australian Customs can be a taxing experience – both in time and money. The Australian Customs Department have the power to issue fines and demand notices for any underpaid duty and GST or tariff classifications going back four years. And when that occurs it can be a huge hit to your business.

We can help you manage any compliance checks and fight your case if you do face fines or demands. And compliance checks are an excellent opportunity to investigate whether any misclassifications are in your favour. Or whether you may have in fact overpaid duty or GST. If so, we’ll assist you to claim this back from Australian Customs as well.

Our Customs Consulting Services

Our bespoke customs consulting services can be perfectly tailored to suit your specific needs. We can provide any of the following services, as needed:

Tariff & Trade Consultancy

Expert Customs Team

Our customs consultancy services are managed internally via our excellent customs team. In fact, we’re the industry experts on customs regulations both here in Australia and overseas. Every member of our team is absolutely committed to helping you achieve your goals for your shipping and your business overall. And we can provide you with the advice and expertise you need to get the results you’re looking for.

Why Choose Us

With decades of experience and a huge knowledge base in the customs field there’s no one better positioned to help you navigate customs regulations and implement best practice management procedures.

Our customised service will help you achieve the best possible outcomes for your business, with the lowest amount of legal and compliance risk.

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