What we do

As an Australian-owned international freight forwarder and customs broker, our job is to support you in all your international logistics requirements. In fact, our business was born out of a clear need for a dedicated and personalised service to manage your unique needs.

We do this by bringing together a dedicated team of experts with over 130 years of combined experience. Our experts are focused on listening to you and understanding both your business and your specific requirements so we can tailor the services that we offer you. That way we always ensure you get just what you need for your business.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy hinges on good communication and transparency. When you work with our team, you’ll always be across your goods and shipping. You’ll know where things are, their destination ETA and who has control.

Our personal communication is backed up by our excellent realtime self-service customer service portal which allows you to track your goods and gain valuable insight and information. You can be confident both our team and yours are across all your logistical items so you can get on with doing what you do best, without being left out of the loop.

Our relationship with you drives our business.

Who we help

Our business is designed to help small to large-sized commercial companies whose needs don’t fit within a standard framework of generic service offerings. Our clients aren’t freight experts – that’s our job. But they are experts in their own space, whether that’s retail, construction, fashion, manufacturing or something else altogether. And they need services that are specific for their industry and their business.

These are businesses that are looking for a logistics partner. Someone to help them accomplish their goals and leverage their potential. And we assist these businesses – and you – with both importing and exporting goods and arranging their international movement, border clearance and delivery, taking the pressure off your already busy business so you can focus on your area of expertise.

How we help

At S.A.L. Global we pride ourselves on providing you with our extensive knowledge of global supply chain management solutions. And we are totally committed to our dedicated, personalised service.

Our goal is to be a vital link in your supply chain so you can maximise your potential in the markets.

We do this by bringing together a dedicated team of experts with over 130 years of combined experience. Our experts are focused on listening to you and understanding both your business and your specific requirements so we can tailor the services that we offer you. That way we always ensure you get just what you need for your business.

Why choose SAL Global?

Live insights and updates in real-time

You’ll receive live insights and updates in real time through your cutting-edge customer portal

Constant updates on your shipments

We’ll provide transparent, up-to-date information and reporting every step of the way

We're accountable and deliver on our promises

We do what we say we're going to do. We believe what we say - and only say it if we believe it. And when we make a promise, we follow through and make it happen.

We're transparent, honest and communicative

We're communicative, honest, transparent and do business with integrity. We'll always give you our honest advice, put your needs first and keep you in the loop.

Personalised service focused on being the best

Our focus is on personalised service with a focus on achieving the best outcomes for you

We're solutions focused & can take care of it all

We’re solutions-focused, data-driven end-to-end service providers

Big corporation outcome, individualised service

We’re big enough to get the job done, and small enough to be a team player

We provide fantastic value for money

You can expect excellent value for money with customised services tailored to your needs

Our Team

Big enough to get the job done. Small enough to be a team player.

Roger Hageman

Roger Hageman


S.A.L Global Logistics’ Director and Founder Roger Hageman has 40+ years forwarding experience with freight forwarders and global airlines. This experience includes seafreight, airfreight, perishables, dangerous goods, 3PL, transport and distribution.

Roger has management experience across various management positions, from operations and sales to state and country management roles, with independent companies and some of the world’s largest multinational companies. He has worked in many locations, from Auckland and Christchurch in New Zealand, and then from early 2005, Brisbane in Australia.

Roger has always been relationship and customer service focused and driven, which was the key motivation to start S.A.L. Global Logistics, which he founded in August in 2015.

This focus is what has allowed S.A.L Global Logistics to set ourselves above the rest of the industry, along with our ability to provide flexible personal service offerings.

Brad O'Brien

Brad O’Brien


S.A.L Global Logistics’ Director Brad O’Brien has 15+ years of freight forwarding experience.
Brad’s previous experience, before joining S.A.L Global Logistics in 2016 as Director, saw him work in some of Australia’s largest privately owned freight forwarders, from entry level up to branch management roles.

He also has extensive training, skills and experience across seafreight, airfreight, import, export, customs and border clearance.

Brad is driven by a shared vision to create and provide a superior customer experience that is based on building solid relationships with S.A.L Global Logistics’ customers, to better understand and therefore service their unique businesses and requirements.

Patricia Barbe

Patricia Barbe

Customer Service Manager

Patricia Barbe, S.A.L Global Logistics’ Customer Service Manager, has 35+ years of forwarding experience with freight forwarders, importers and one of the largest Australian retail companies.

Patricia has worked in France, India & Australia (Sydney, Brisbane).

Her areas of expertise include freight forwarding: seafreight/airfreight, customer service, import/export operations, FMCG, business process, quality management, project management.

Patricia has a passion for customer service, which aligns perfectly with S.A.L Global Logistics’ goal to create a better logistics customer service experience by being proactive and solving our customers’ logistics problems.

Troy Ross

Troy Ross

Operations Manager

Troy Ross, S.A.L Global Logistics’ Operations Manager has 14+ years of forwarding experience since first starting in the industry as a trainee through My Freight Career.
Troy developed extensive business and operational growth during his time working with multinational, wholesale and retail forwarders, as well as international airlines, through various roles.
Troy is experienced and certified in seafreight, airfreight, perishables, dangerous goods, 3PL, transport & distribution, customs bonded depots and quarantine approved facilities.

Troy joined S.A.L Global Logistics in 2017 with like-minded directors who had the same interests and goals to offer customers a new meaning of end-to-end service; by understanding clients’ requirements and becoming an extension to clients’ businesses, development and growth.

Troy believes that nothing is too big or small in the forwarding industry. He says that “anyone can move it from A to Z, but I’m a firm believer that it’s what you do before, during and after that counts”.

Aurelie Bonneau

Aurelie Bonneau

Customs Manager

S.A.L Global Logistics’ Customs Manager Aurelie Bonneau has 17+ years forwarding experience and is experienced in sea freight, air freight, operations and customs.

Aurelie has an accounting and business management background, and arrived in Australia in 2003. She is a Licensed Customs Broker, Specialising in Customs and Quarantine related matters, including tariff and trade consulting.

A global presence and capacity with local service.

We are a privately owned company with a local presence for direct contact but a huge global reach. Australian-owned and operated, we have a network of offices around the world and can work with any location worldwide.

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