Realtime International Freight Tracking

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Unbeatable insight and an unmatched customer experience

Understanding where your goods are in your supply or retail chain has tremendous benefits. You can better plan your next steps, keep your customers informed, build loyalty and trust and make better informed and more agile decisions. But getting this information accurately and on time can be a challenge.

Our realtime dashboard and tracking portal solves that challenge.

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Live Insights and Updates in Real Time

Our tracking portal gives you unbeatable insight and an unmatched customer service with industry-leading visibility accessed in real time. When you login to your portal you can see exactly where your goods are, exactly when they are there. And because it’s fully customisable you get the updates you need without having to mine through extraneous information and data that’s unnecessary and distracting.

Instead you get access to real-time status updates, data-tracking, visualisations and powerful analysis that give you what you need, when you need it.

Logixboard Platform

Our Realtime Dashboard

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Realtime updates with our dashboard

Our realtime dashboard provides unbeatable insight and an unmatched customer experience. See live, real-time updates, analytics and visualisations at any time.

See shipment insights and analytics, check your invoices and documentation, see what’s happened and where everything is at in real-time within your customer dashboard – accessible anywhere and anytime.

Dashboard. Orders. Shipments. Analytics. Accounting. All the info you need, in one place.

Support and Training

As with every other aspect of our business, our focus is on building our relationship with you. We won’t just dump you in the deep end with any aspect of our work, including our self-service customer portal.

We’ll provide you and your team with all the support and training you need to get the most out of our easy-to-use software. We’ll ensure that we’ve customised it to give you all the information you need, including implementing filtering so you see the most important information first. And we’ll support you in learning how to analyse your information to make real time, data-driven decisions that will future proof your business and see you sailing into the future.

Our goal is to provide you with all the tools you need to deeply understand your supply chain and freight shipping. But we’re also here to help you with advice and insight when you need it.

Benefits of Our Innovative Realtime Tracking Portal

Having data and information at your fingertips means that you have highly enhanced visibility and transparency around your business processes. And this means you can build in better efficiencies and make changes and updates around your processes that will allow you to streamline and scale your operations.

With on-demand reporting and automatic notifications you’re always on the front foot. You can wow and delight your own customers with your responsiveness to problems that arise. And you are in an excellent position to make quick decisions that will see your business outcompeting your competitors in the marketplace.

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