USA Road Transport – Legal Container Weight Guide

There is often uncertainty for some customers on the allowable legal container weights within the USA Road Transport system, as customers try to manage their ordering to maximise capacity, but remain within legal limits for the inland transport through to the main export gateways of the USA.

The below table provides indications on allowable gross weight limitations. The maximum gross allowable cargo weights are intended only as a general guideline to promote safe and lawful transport practices, and provides the maximum weight of cargo that can be loaded into international containers for transport over U.S. roads. 

The actual allowable cargo weight for any specific shipment may vary depending on the actual weight and configuration of the container and transport equipment being used, and/or other limits imposed by federal, state or local authorities. 

Legal Container Weights

For any further clarification, or assistance in regards to the above, do not hesitate to contact an S.A.L. Global Logistics representative.

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